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Our new book Exercises in Watery Politics is an invitation to collectively listen to the North Sea and other ecosystems and recognise them as political, cultural and legal players. This is urgently needed, because while regulations on paper may appear comprehensive, the practical, ‘watery reality’ frequently results in marine life being at a disadvantage.

The book includes a full English translation at the back, which we also offer here as a separate text in a PDF for 7.50. If you want the full PDF with all the Dutch and English text and the picture stories: click here for the PDF (15 euro) or here for the physical book (30 euro).

The Embassy of the North Sea explores and questions the relationships between humans and the sea and depicts ecological politics through research, art and action. This book showcases our endeavors and explorations spanning the years from 2018 to 2023. Dive, practice and travel with us to beaches, underwater reefs, canals and the courtroom.

Besides essays, extensive research files on eels, delta, underwater noise, wind farms and the audement, you will find in this publication: an interview by Daphina Misiedjan and Darko Lagunas with Radha D’Souza, Tolin Alexander and Astrida Neimanis and contributions by the many makers and thinkers that form our collective.

Editing: Christiane Bosman, Corine Datema, Harpo ‘t Hart, Lieneke Hulshof & Thijs Middeldorp

Graphic design: Corine Datema

Final editing: Annabel Essink & Lieneke Hulshof

English summary: Edward Jacobson / Lighthouse Editing

Printing: Wilco