Sonic Acts – Maritime Frictions

On 19 May from 16:00 to midnight, join Sonic Acts and FieldARTS at Ruigoord for Maritime Frictions – a special event with field-based scent presentation, poetic listening session, community dinner, talks, film screening, experimental sound art and roiling DJ set. The Embassy of the North Sea (Frank Bloem and Harpo ‘t Hart) will join the programme with a fieldwork presentation.

At the edge of Petroleumhaven, on the banks of the IJ River, is a logistical field bearing the future ecologies of Western Europe. Rising seas and expanded flow bring salt and capital into contact. Drawing together artistic and critical practices, Maritime Frictions presents a grounded and briny encounter with an infrastructure central to the global trade of raw materials, ongoing environmental injustice, dispossession, and financial violence. At the same time, the terminal landscape of Amsterdam’s port promises to ground the coming energy transition. Which futures are being plotted here and which need to be abolished?

Fieldwork presentation by Embassy of the North Sea – Frank Bloem and Harpo ‘t Hart

During their fieldwork presentation for Maritime Frictions, Frank Bloem and Harpo ‘t Hart are looking at the harbour from a chemical point of view. That is to say, they are following their nose and ears to smell an listen to the stories of life in the harbuor. On the one hand there are these stories of extractivism and international trade told by biological/fossilised bulk goods, and on the other hand, stories of marine life living on the hulls of the ships carrying these goods.

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