Hearing Like a Herring at Rewire Festival

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The Embassy of the North Sea will participate at Rewire, annual international festival for adventurous music in The Hague. On 10, 11, 12 & 18 September 2021, the offline edition showcases a wide range of adventurous and forward-thinking sounds at familiar venues such as Paard, Korzo, Koninklijke Schouwburg, and Lutherse Kerk, Theater aan het Spui, as well outdoors and in public space.

Sound expedition Hearing Like a Herring

The Embassy of the North Sea seeks to give a voice to the non-human residents of The Netherlands’ most defining ecosystem, the North Sea, starting with a listening phase that engages designers, policy makers, biologists, artists, lawyers, philosophers and writers.

On Saturday September 11, Rewire 2021 will present the first step of the journey: a sound expedition titled Hearing Like a Herring, developed by composer and sound artist Harpo ‘t Hart together with radio-maker Jesper Buursink and artist Xandra van der Eijck.

This intervention at Scheveningen harbour and beach features stories from experts, scientists, and local residents to present new undersea listening perspectives.

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