Assembly: Whose Ocean?

Whose ocean is it? Does the ocean belong to humanity? To states? Or does the ocean belong to itself? To the organisms or materialities that make up the ocean? To explore this question, we’re holding an assembly on 30 January 2025 in Theater de Regentes in The Hague.

At that assembly, we will discuss how the ocean can be meaningfully represented at international fora such as courts of law and in diplomacy.

This event is initiated by Erik van Sebille, Professor of Oceanography and Public Engagement at Utrecht University in collaboration with the Embassy of the North Sea, Casco office for art design and theory, NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability (Utrecht University). With:Carly Everaert, Daan ‘t Sas and Corine Datema, Sheng Wen Lo, Xandra van der Eijkand Müge Yilmaz.